Group Yoga Classes
Private Yoga Lessons
Private Yoga Therapy Sessions

Available in:
     Northern Nevada

     Sierraville/Sierra Valley
     South Lake Tahoe
     Northern California

Specialized Yoga Teacher Training
Available for Workshops and Seminars, Nationally and Internationally
Ananda Yoga for Higher Awareness
Yoga of the Heart
Integrative Yoga Therapy
Traditional Hatha Yoga
5 Tibetan Yoga
Yoga for Persons with AIDS/HIV
Restorative Yoga for Dancers and Performers
Adapted Yoga for Persons with Disabilities or Who are Seniors
Yoga Therapy for Asthma, Stress Management, and Other Conditions
Yogic Breath Work. Yoga for Psychic Development. Meditation Instruction

New Easy Tai Chi
New Chinese Wand Exercise
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